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Lab 2 Answer Key Configuring DNS and DHCP This lab contains the following exercises: Exercise 2.1 Designing a DNS Namespace Exercise 2.2 Creating a Zone Exercise 2.3 Creating Domains Exercise 2.4 Creating Resource Records Exercise 2.5 Creating a Scope Exercise 2.6 Confirming DHCP Server Functionality Exercise 2.7 Configuring DHCP Reservations Workstation Reset: Returning to Baseline Estimated lab time: 100 minutes Exercise 2.1 | Designing a DNS Namespace | Overview | You have been tasked with creating a test DNS namespace structure for your organization. Your first task is to design that namespace by specifying appropriate domain and host names for the computers in the division. | Completion time | 15 minutes | 1.…show more content…
Exercise 2.3 | Creating Domains | Overview | A single zone on a DNS server can encompass multiple domains as long as the domains are contiguous. In this exercise, you create the departmental domains you specified in your namespace design. | Completion time | 10 minutes | 1. In the DNS Manager console, right-click the zone you created using the internal domain name from your namespace in Exercise 2.3. From the context menu, select New Domain. The New DNS Domain dialog box appears. 2. In the Type the new DNS domain name text box, key the name of the Human Resources domain you specified in your namespace design, and click OK. NOTE | When you create a domain within a zone, you specify the name for the new domain relative to the zone name. For example, to create the domain in the zone, you would specify only the qa name in the New DNS Domain dialog box. | 3. Repeat steps 1 to 2 to create the domains for the Sales and Production departments from your namespace design. Question 3 | What resource records appear in the new domains you created by default? Answer: There are no resource records in the domain by default. | 4. Leave the DNS Manager console open for the next exercise. Exercise 2.4 | Creating Resource Records | Overview | Now that you have created the zones and domains for your namespace, you can begin to populate them with the resource records that the DNS

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