Nt1330 Unit 7 Lab 1

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It is critical to resolve the way to calculate the seed for generating the set Se . We use the file id fdi to compute the seed for the document files and index stored in the blind storage system, and the keyword # to calculate the seed for each x[!] by using the b.Build function,and the blocks of index i are different from those of the files. This tiny transform is for the security reasons and does not cause any harm in the implementation of the blind storage. through the function 0 using the seed !!0 .
Based upon getting s, stag, and H, the cloud server parses the stag to recieve a set of numbers in the range Finally, after ordering all the score relevance, the external cloud server gives back the descriptors of the top-F files that are most relevant to the searched keywords.An access control approach can be to
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Therefore the cloud server could not have any idea about the no of documents stored, length of the files . In addition ,when a data user request for any particular files, he receives the random number of blocks which contains the documents. VI. PERFORMANCE EVALUATION
Assuming a large collections of files and documents and Data user in a external cloud environment. It permit the secure Multi-keyword search and it returns the relevant documents in a order to the search request. As shown in TABLE 3, here we compare the functionalities of cash’s scheme [10],Cao’s scheme [11] and Naveed’s scheme[13]. In the Cash’s scheme it returns result in a specific order and supports the Multi-keyword search.Naveed’s scheme construct the blind storage in order to hide the access pattern of the data user but it only support the single keyword search. Our EMRS can attain the Multi-keyword search and returns relevant files using blind storage.
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