Nt1430 Chapter 18

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1. What is the function of the /etc/hosts file? Which services can you use in place of or to supplement the hosts file? This file holds the hostname and IP address of the local system. It also holds a special entry for localhost. This entry supports the loopback service, which allows the local system to talk to itself. The IP address of the loopback serviceis always, while names the local system. 2. What does the /etc/resolv.conf file do? What do the nameserver lines in this file do? The /etc/resolv.conf file is the resolver configuration file. It provides access to DNS for Internet address resolution. The nameserver line indicates which systems the local system should query to resolve hostnames into IP…show more content…
Sockets allow unrelated processes on the same or different systems to exchange information. One type of socket, the UNIX domain socket, is a special file. Symbolic links are another type of special file. 6. What is a FIFO? What does FIFO stand for? What is another name for a FIFO? How does a FIFO work? A FIFO is a special file, also called a named pipe. You read from and write to the file to read from and write to the pipe. The term FIFO stands for first in, first out. The first information that you put in one end is the first information that comes out the other end. 7. Write a line for the /etc/fstab file that mounts the /dev/sdb1 ext4 filesystem on /extra with the following characteristics: The filesystem will not be mounted automatically when the system boots, and anyone can mount and unmount the filesystem. /dev/sda7 /backup ext4 user,noauto,rw 0 0 8. Without using rm, how can you delete a file? (Hint: How do you rename a file?) $ mv file /dev/null 9. After burning an ISO image file named image.iso to a CD on /dev/hdc, how can you can verify the copy from the command line? 10. Why should /var reside on a separate partition from /usr? Files on /var change often. Files on /usr rarely change. When a system crashes, it is more likely that a filesystem with recently modified files will become corrupt than a stable filesystem. To lessen the chance of the data in /usr from being

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