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A PROJECT REPORT BASED ON TRAINNING SESSION VINAY KUMAR VINAY GUIDED BY:- ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING OIST BHOPAL. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Firstly, I DHEERAJ KUMAR a vocational trainee-2012 batch would like to thank the management of NTPC LIMITED for arranging such a well managed training programme for the vocational training which I hope is highly beneficial to the organization and students in course of time. I sincerely acknowledge the co-operation and complete support provided by Sh. A K Jha (Deputy General Manager, O&M), Sh. Suresh Kumar Sr. Engineer…show more content…
The following minimum safety inter locks shall be provided in the system for pumps and drives. a) W-ater level in the sump——– very low b) Pressure at pump discharge due to accidental closure of valve——- high c) Winding temp of Motor(for HT drives)——–high d) Temperature of pumps thrust bearing (HT drives only)———-High e) Bearing vibration (for HT drives only)———-High vii) Emergency stop of drives has also been envisaged from the local push button (lockable stay put type) provided near the drive. This local push button will be directly wired to Switchgear/MCC. To monitor the HT/LT drives following minimum signals shall be exchanged between Switch gear/MCC and PLC system: a. Drive start/stop command. b. Drive status feedback (ON/OFF) c. Ready to start. d. Electrical trips (from SWGR/MCC). viii) DM plant PLC system shall be provided with suitable communication gateway for monitoring through DDCMIS in central control room CONTROL PHILOSPHY OF PLANT WATER SYSTEM The control & instrumentation shall be through microprocessor based PLC system for the entire Plant water system covering the total

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