Ntroduction to the Production of Compressed Stabilized Earth Block (Cseb) Using Anyway Soil Block

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Introduction to the Production of Compressed Stabilized Earth Block (CSEB) using AnyWay Soil Block



Introduction - The environmental advantages of building with stabilized compressed earth blocks using AnyWay products - Composition of Soil - Four Typical Soils - Field Test - Organization of Blockyard - Screening - Measuring - Dry Mixing - Humid Mixing - Checking the Moisture Content - Description of the Press - Safety - Mis- handling the Press - Handling the Press - Quality Control - Humid Curing and Final Stacking - Making 3/4, 1/2 Blocks - Making Special Blocks - Daily Maintenance


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AnyWay Solid Environmental Solutions
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Structural walls A wall system using Earth Blocks can be as much as 40% cheaper than the conventional alternative.

Durable When you consider that the oldest structures standing throughout the world today are made of earth, to say that Earth Blocks are durable seems an understatement. Fire and Pest Resistant Earth Blocks are fire, bullet, sound and bug resistant to the point of being considered "proofed". Using Earth Blocks increases your comfort and your enjoyment of your home. Virtually Soundproof Earth Blocks are so dense a building material that, if they wish, occupants can be effectively "shut off" from the outside world. Earth block buildings create their own world on the inside which most people find is an added attraction. Aesthetically Pleasing The use of Earth Blocks as the primary building material provides an opportunity to explore an endless number of creative architectural designs. The natural colors of the earth can be used to enhance the warmth of the living environment. Exteriors are typically given a weather-resistant skin which can be colored or left natural, while interiors can be plastered with a variety of decorative mixtures or left exposed. Arches and rounded corners are options that allow for additional flexibility in design. Earth Block buildings have a look and feel which envelops their occupants and blends beautifully with the natural world.

Environmentally Friendly When you consider the attributes listed above, the underlying theme

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