Nu-545 Unit 1 Essay

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1. What is metabolic absorption? “All the cells take in and use nutrients and other substances from their surroundings. Cells of the intestine and the kidney are specialized to carry out absorption. Cells of the kidney tubules reabsorb fluids and synthesize proteins. Intestinal epithelial cells reabsorb fluids and synthesize protein enzymes” (McCance & Huether, pg. 2). 2. What uses oxygen to remove hydrogen atoms in an oxidative reaction? “Peroxisomes are so named because they usually contain enzymes that use oxygen to remove hydrogen atoms from specific substrates in an oxidative reaction that produces hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) (McCance & Huether, pg. 7). 3. During cell injury what is released that is capable of cellular auto…show more content…
The carrier then returns to its original shape, releasing the two K+ions and the remnant of the ATP molecule to the inside of the cell. The carrier is now ready for another pumping cycle” (McCance & Huether pg. 29) I found this video helpful as well in understanding the concept. 14. What is active transport? “Active transport, the protein transporter moves molecules against, or up, the concentration gradient” (McCance & Huether, pg. 29). 15. What are cytokins? “Growth factors, also called cytokins, are peptides that transmit within and between cells. They have a major role in the regulation of tissue growth and development” (McCance & Huether, pg. 35). 16. Do all cells continue to replicate and divide? “All types of cells undergo mitosis during formation of the embryo, but many adult cells, such as nerve cells, lens cells of the eye, and muscle cells, lost their ability to replicate and divide. The cells of other tissues, particularly epithelial cells [e.g., of the intestine, lung, skin), divide continuously and rapidly, competing the entire cell cycle in less than 10 hours” (McChance & Huether, pg. 35). 17. When normal columnar ciliated epithelial cells of the bronchial lining are 
replaced by stratified squamous

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