Nuba Wrestling, The Original Art

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*Pankration* According to Nigel Binns, in his book “Nuba Wrestling, the original art” he speaks of the Greecian art of wrestling boxing called Pankration, which was originally an art form from Africa (It is similar to Nuba Wrestling mixed with Hausa Boxing) and that the Greeks adopted it as their own. Nigel noted, their style of wrestling called Pankration is said to derive its name from two ancient Egyptian gods; Ra and Aton. Therefore Pan-Ra-Aton/ or Pankration meaning all-powerful God, or spirit. He also makes mention that the name Greece is from Africa-Ni’grecia (Land of Blacks) and that the Greeks were very fond of African cultures in that day and time. Most of the Greeks civilization is customed and fashioned in the Nubian style from Arcutecture to Artistry, to Philosophy to Theosophy and the many doctrines of the numerious gods as well the African style of wrestling. In addition, is the mystery of the 12 Greek Olympian gods? This Mythical science is thought, to be Pre dynastic Egypt, and is unknowingly listed as Greek mythology? However, the stories are all from Africa when the Gods ruled from mount Olympus, initially ‘the rock of Gibraltar’ (Atlas) that covered or governed most of northern Africa (Libya) at that time. The Greeks adopted and renamed all their gods in honor of the great Black men of Africa, whom to them (the Greeks) were Gods. (One old 5% lesson refers the word or Acronym “G.O.D.” representing the characteristics and attributes of great men,

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