Nuclear Arms Race in South Asia and Its Impact on Regional Security

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NUCLEAR ARMS RACE IN SOUTH ASIA AND ITS IMPACT ON REGIONAL SECURITY INTRODUCTION 1. The nuclear age opened during World War II with a blinding light; a deafening roars fire and blood. The world’s first nuclear bomb exploded at Alamogordo on 16 July 1945. It had a very complex history. The sensational discovery of nuclear fission first came in Germany in December 1938. British research then showed that the manufacture of a nuclear weapon was almost possible. The American technological, scientific and industrial effort in the “Manhattan Project”, that actually built the bomb. At last initial test was carried out in the wastes of New Mexico desert. The American first used nuclear bomb against Japan in August 1945 in World War II. 2. The…show more content…
Consequently the concern about India surfaces more strongly in the minds of the NNWS than any other state. Besides, India is so close to each one of them in terms of shared history, inheritance and culture that one cannot help but recognize her overwhelming influence. For them, to divorce the past, which all these countries shared with India, is to cut themselves off from their roots. 6. None of the NNWS of South Asia matches the Indian power capabilities with respect to any of the attributes of power. The power difference is so enormous that no NNWS can either singly or collectively encounter the Indian pressure and threat. Therefore, both militarily and economically the states are extremely vulnerable vis-à-vis India. All these issues bear out the fact that India, a single overwhelming factor, and looms very large in the minds of the small states of South Asia when matters not only of external relations but also of domestic importance are considered. 7. Pakistan is also an important actor in the region and appears big in the mind of NNWS too. But they do not so far perceive it as a threat. Nevertheless, when India and to some extent Pakistan acquire huge armed forces, with the latest combat aircraft, tanks, guns, a vast industrial establishment, a nuclear capability and even a nuclear power submarine then the smaller countries of south Asia cannot but watch with a high degree of

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