Nuclear Arms are Weapons of Mass Destruction

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Nuclear arms can easily be classified as weapons of mass destruction, as they destroy all ecosystems that come in contact with it in a matter of seconds, this fairly new and evolving breed of warfare is continuously becoming a bigger threat to society due to the fact that; the government can turn to nuclear power if opposing countries do not comply with their needs. The Cold War was essentially defined by nuclear weapons and the nuclear arm race between United States and the Soviet Union. A high degree of anxiety existed between the two superpowers and millions of citizens around the world were put to risk by nuclear arm race. The use of these nuclear weapons were exceedingly destructive and the consequences were so enormous that the protection of human rights were questioned. However the use of these weapons were merely to prevent their use by others. In other words nuclear weapons were devices of deterrence not warfighting. There was a mutual nuclear weapon ownership with both states possessing nuclear weapons, therefore the odds of war dropped quickly. Both superpowers quickly came to the realization that nuclear war between the two countries could lead to a devastation effect on the world which concluded the cold war. “From 1968 the only universal treaty that stops the spread of nuclear weapons is the Non- Proliferation Treaty (NPT) with about 130 members. China is a nuclear weapon state but not a party to the treaty. Also missing are India, Pakistan, Brazil, Argentina
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