Nuclear Contamination Of The Desert Left Us No Choice

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With the pressure we had been under until now somewhat abated, we retired early that evening, and slept blissfully. We awoke the next morning rested and refreshed, ready for whatever the day might bring. Stapleya and Wisceya were eager to experience the wonders of Las Vegas. Estelle and Jill had told them enough to pique their curiosity, although the fur-girls insisted it was impossible and refused to believe their tales. Compared to their home world, I 'm sure our entire planet seems impossible, so why they would balk at believing one more impossibility, I could not say. We pulled out of the motel parking lot before dawn and drove straight down Interstate 15 without stopping except to procure fuel or to answer nature 's call. Although we had eschewed Interstate highways in prior day 's travels, the paucity of highways in the desert left us no choice. Besides, we had no cause to suspect Alex would be looking for us here. Passing through the St. George area, Estelle remarked on the nuclear contamination of the area from the atomic bomb testing, and the diverse cases of cancer in the people living here for decades thereafter. Our extraterrestrial visitors became curious as to those events which led us into a long discussion of warfare on Earth and the horrors it had brought, and the worries and politics of Nuclear power. This dominated our conversation for miles upon miles as we lamented the missed potential, the waste and the suffering brought forth by the Nuclear genie. We
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