Nuclear Contamination Of The Desert Left Us No Choice

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We retired early that evening, and slept blissfully. With the pressure we had been under now somewhat abated, we awoke the next morning rested and refreshed, ready for whatever the day might bring. Stapleya and Wisceya were eager to see the wonders of Las Vegas. Estelle and Jill had told them enough to pique their curiosity, although the fur-girls insisted it was impossible and refused to believe the tales. Compared to their home world, I 'm sure our entire planet seemed impossible, so why they would balk at one more impossibility, I could not say. We pulled out of the motel parking lot before dawn and drove straight down Interstate 15 without stopping except to buy fuel or to answer nature 's call. Although we had eschewed Interstate…show more content…
Five nations, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States, have collaborated in recent decades, in the construction of a massive signal monitoring network that spans much of the world. This network is colloquially known as Echelon, and is capable of intercepting almost any phone call anywhere in the world. It uses sophisticated voice recognition technologies and simultaneously monitors untold millions of phone calls. If Echelon is looking for you, and you use a phone, it will likely find you. We are not certain that Alex has engaged Echelon in his search for us. It seems, in fact, rather unlikely that he has taken his efforts to that level. However, we do not feel we can take the chance. The burner is for emergency use only. Even if Echelon is not in use, Alex still likely has a flag on Julie 's phone, and can flag any call she makes or receives. Any number that she calls or that calls her will receive scrutiny. Refueled, refreshed and with a new clandestine spy-widget in hand, we drove into the city proper and soon arrived at the front entrance to the Venetian. Jill and Estelle had agreed that they would attempt to find Julie and approach her. Since the rest of us did not wish to be seen publicly, and we could not sit for hours in the car in the desert heat, the girls and I would return to our motel to await developments. We had no tool for communications other than to use the Torfone
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