Nuclear Energy : A Great Energy Creator

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There are many ways nuclear energy impacts America. Nuclear energy can either damage or be an effective way to harness energy in the U.S. Many Americans believe that using nuclear energy is dangerous but beneficial to the entire world. Truth be told both sides are correct. Some pros of using nuclear energy are the low cost of production plus in return also gaining a enormous load of energy, the low pollution levels, and also being more reliable than solar or wind energy which needs to have sun or windy areas to operate when in turn nuclear power plants can work in any weather conditions and can create energy all the time only being shut down for maintenance checks. While having many pros there are also many cons. Unfortunately for such a great energy creator many problems like meltdowns, waste disposal, and the creation of nuclear weapons which will possibly lead to nuclear warfare are still very relevant. Nuclear energy is energy from the nucleus of an atom. Atoms are tiny particles that make up the matter that’s all around us . There is an enormous amount of energy in the bonds that hold the atoms together. By splitting atoms energy is created and that power is known as electricity. But there is two ways to create electricity in a nuclear power plant and that is nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. In nuclear fusion, atoms are fused together to form a larger atom which release energy in the form of electricity. But There is also a second way to generate electricity

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