Nuclear Energy : A Reliable Economical Energy Source

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Nuclear energy a reliable economical energy source or a primed radiation storm waiting to rain havoc down on the surroundings below. When you mention nuclear power people 's minds go to Chernobyl,Fukushima, and Three Mile Island meltdown catastrophes. A survey conduct of 27 college aged students shows people continue to believe nuclear energy brings safety concerns to the US due to some risk of danger (see Appendix A.) With nuclear energy comes risks for locals who live near a nuclear power plant, people who live in a country with a nuclear power plant, as well as risk for the entire plant.
Nuclear energy can be defined as a dread risk, a uncontrollable and inequitable risk, which may have catastrophic consequences. Even without living near a nuclear power plant does not mean your safe, an accident at a nuclear power plant would not only stay in the area of the accident. The effects would spread for miles through air, water, food etc. and the effects would be felt for hundreds of years to come (Chowdhury, 2011) Radiation exposure is the most prevalent effect of a nuclear power plant accident that people will experience. According to Chowdhury (2011) there are three ways radiation can affect the people, total or partial body exposure from living close to a reactor site, external and internal contamination can also occur. People who have been effected with total or partial body exposure but no contamination are not radioactive and will not affect their caregivers (Chowdhury,…
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