Nuclear Energy Advantages And Disadvantages

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Nuclear energy utilisation and its advantages and disadvantages Human society is dependent on energy, and energy is an important foundation for economic development and people's livelihood in every region of the world. In the 20th century, scientists discovered nuclear fission which means the nucleus of an atom absorbs a neutron, will split into two or smaller nuclei, quality at the same time sent out two or three neutrons and a lot of energy, and make other nuclei and nuclear fission (World Nuclear Association [WNA], 2016, How a nuclear reactor makes electricity, para.3-5). Then humanly comes to the era of nuclear power. Especially,in the energy structure from oil into clean energy in the new period, nuclear energy is considered an important way that solves the world's energy shortage and environmental pollution. At the same time, different voices have been associated with the development of nuclear energy, which many believe has a large radioactive. Moreover costly problem. This essay will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy utilisation. Nuclear power as a highly efficient energy. First, nuclear power by use of the uranium fuel, the density of nuclear fuel energy is higher fossil fuels millions of times. Therefore, the nuclear power plant fuel used by small size, transportation and storage are very convenient. A 10 million megawatt nuclear power plant takes 30 tonnes of uranium fuel a year; a voyage transport aircraft can be completed (World Nuclear
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