Nuclear Energy And Fossil Fuel

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Throughout centuries the debate on what is better the use of nuclear energy or the using of fossil fuel? People over the years have been debating on a realistic way on saving energy but also having an efficient amount of energy to generate millions of homes and places. The two sources of energy that are mostly used are nuclear energy and fossil fuels. Often people say that nuclear energy is the best approach while others believe it is the burning of fossil fuels. These two sources of energy have their own pros and cons when it comes to this debate.
Nuclear energy is a source that supplies electricity the way it does this is according to NNR or the National Nuclear Regulator is that the energy is released during nuclear fission or fusion. The releasing of these energies is taken in a facility called nuclear power plants. In a recent World Statistics taken by the NES (Nuclear Energy Summit) nuclear power plants provided 10.9 percent of the world 's electricity production in 2012. Also in 2014, 13 countries relied on nuclear energy to supply at least one-quarter of their total electricity. Countries including France that use up to 76.9% and Sweden using 41.5%.
Nuclear energy is efficient also relatively cheap the initial construction costs of nuclear power plants are large. However when first built the costs that is left is to enrich and process the nuclear fuel control and get ride of nuclear waste. The reason this is an advantages is that nuclear energy is cost-competitive.
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