Nuclear Energy And Its Domination

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COURSE: BIG101 Y1 TOPIC: RESOURCES DOMINATING OUR NEAR AND DISTANT FUTURE: NUCLEAR ENERGY AND ITS DOMINATION IN THE DISTANT FUTURE. THESIS: Nuclear energy will dominate in Russia in the next 50-60 years. NAME: AKANKSHA SHELAT STUDENT NUMBER: 1001159845 Nuclear energy technology seems to be increasing at an alarming rate in order to meet the astonishing increase in demand for electricity. A lot of countries have doubled their efforts to produce nuclear energy in order to meet the worlds new clean energy demands, some even more than other. The aim of this paper is to address the mounting success and development of nuclear energy and power particularly in Russia, and its domination in the future. Nuclear Energy is an up and coming term in the new age world. “The common definition for nuclear energy is the energy released by a nuclear reaction, especially by fission or fusion.” ( The nucleus in an atom is held together by what is known as nuclear force or the strong force. A nuclear fission is a process where the nucleus splits into smaller and lighter parts called nuclei releasing vast amounts of nuclear energy. The history of nuclear energy harnessing began in the 20th century with the discovery of the neutron by James Chadwick, and by 1939 experiments involving nuclear fission and its ability to self-sustain through a chain reaction resulting in enormous amounts of energy was discovered by Otto

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