Nuclear Energy And Its Effects

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1. Background
Nuclear energy can be produced by fission, by splitting a nucleus into smaller products, (precisely equal parts). These products are equal to half of the original mass. In the process of nuclear fission, energy and neutrons will be emitted. Along with the emission of neutrons, also during the process of fission, a large amount of a product’s energy is released.
Every day we are surrounded by so much radiation however, only some radiation can be harmful to us. Radiation such as microwaves, radio waves, and infrared are classes as ‘non-ionizing’ and are not a threat to humans. Radiation classed as ‘Ionizing’ radiation is most definitely harmful to us because it has the capability of removing electrons from other atoms and then
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They also have a less powerful ionizing rate compared to alpha particles.
Gamma rays are energy, also known as electromagnetic radiation. They have no charge or mass. They move through the air extremely quickly (at the speed of light) and to ionize them, they need to directly hit the nucleus of an atom. This suggests that gamma rays have a very low ionizing rate and can travel much t=further through the air compared to alpha and beta particles.

Nuclear-fuelled power plants are very similar to fossil fuelled power pants, in which they both turn water into steam in order to control the turbine generators that produce energy; the only difference is the source of heat. At nuclear power plants, a nuclear reactor produces and controls the amount of energy that is released when atoms of Uranium split, which is called fission. The heat that is used to make this steam is created by this form of fission. Uranium fuelled nuclear power plants are a clean and efficient way of boiling water to produce the steam that is used to operate the turbine generators within the power plant.

Figure 1 shows the equation for the nuclear fission of uranium-235.
2. Discussion
Even though we use Nuclear energy to give places electricity, Nuclear energy is used in many more things than just in the production of electricity. Such as; Hospitals, schools, households or business’, Nuclear Radiation can be used to treat heavy medical
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