Nuclear Energy And Nuclear Power

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“In March 2011, an earthquake and tsunami hit Japan causing a nuclear accident at three Fukushima Daiichi reactors. The accident caused three nuclear meltdowns and the release of radioactive materials” (“Nuclear Energy”). This accident is the exact type of incident that often holds people back from an environmentally friendly energy source. This article goes on to say that everybody in the area was evacuated and deaths were only results of the natural disasters and not the nuclear leak. Additionally, accidents have occurred in many other companies that do not use nuclear power, yet they have had higher death totals. Along with these points, nuclear energy has many positive aspects. For example, nuclear energy use has benefitted…show more content…
As global warming becomes an even greater problem and efficient sources of energy are hard to find, nuclear energy has increased in popularity. For example, “Global climate change and depleting stores of fossil fuels have brought the need for new energy sources to the international stage. US president Barack Obama publicly supported the creation of new nuclear power plants in the United States as an alternative to fossil fuels” (“Nuclear Energy”). Also, as the years go by, nuclear energy is becoming a source that unites many nations around the world. For example, last year the global community came together in Paris, France, where leaders and representatives from almost every nation discussed the problem of global warming and what the world can do to slow this increasingly dangerous issue. The main goal was to knock down the net of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere to zero. Although many thought that this would be impossible, after much discussion they realized that it would not be too difficult by using nuclear energy. This plan has proven to be effective by both France’s and Sweden’s dramatic drop in carbon emissions by using nuclear energy (Newsela Staff). Therefore, with global warming increasing, and there being a lack of alternative energy sources to which to turn, nuclear power is becoming increasingly popular globally due to its many benefits
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