Nuclear Energy As A Solution For Nuclear Power

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In today’s rapidly-advancing society, the depletion of fossil fuels, our main sources of energy, remains a constant motivator for the U.S. to harness nuclear power. While the fear of resource exhaustion and degradation of the environment encourages us to embrace nuclear energy as a solution, we fail to acknowledge the copious amounts of time and money needed to utilize nuclear energy, the political risks associated with large-scale use, and most importantly, the environmental and mortal consequences that can occur as a result of accidents. While construction costs for nuclear power plants remain largely ambiguous, David Schlissel, using statistics from the Keystone Center (2008), reports that companies planning new nuclear units estimate…show more content…
Human violence continues to prevail as one of the central issues associated with wide-scale utilization of nuclear energy, the two driving forces being terrorism and military conflict. Nuclear Reactors have been targeted multiple times by military airstrikes in the Middle East, one example being when Iran bombed the Al Tuwaitha nuclear complex in Iraq in Operation Scorch Sword. According to October 1980’s National Intelligence Daily (NID), approximately 400 French scientists, technicians and engineers had been working on the reactor at the time of the attack, which damaged the water cooling facility and radioactive waste sites. Little would stop military forces from targeting power plants in the U.S., even with our increased security—is this a risk we are willing to take? The United States 9/11 Commission states, “…nuclear power plants were potential targets for the September 11, 2001 attacks…if terrorist groups could sufficiently damage safety systems to cause a core meltdown at a nuclear power plant, and/or sufficiently damage spent fuel pools, such an attack could lead to a widespread radioactive contamination.” (2009) If extremists did manage to release widespread radiation throughout
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