Nuclear Energy As An Alternate Source Of The World 's Energy

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Persuasive Research Essay Using nuclear energy as an alternate source of the world’s energy is a very controversial topic and has been for decades. While fossil fuels have been used for many years for generating the world’s energy, recently other sources of power have been discovered, tested, and used for many types of energy. Some fossil fuels include: oil, coal, and natural gas. While these fuels have their advantages as very effective, they have downsides such as pollution. Most of the pollution from fossil fuels comes from the combustion of them either in an internal combustion engine or a coal energy generating facility. The world today is very reliant on fossil fuels for many types of energy, and while some say its the only viable…show more content…
In India, the country with the most recent and current construction experience, completion costs of the last 10 reactors have averaged at least 300% over budget. (Climate Change - Nuclear not the answer). While this is true, there are ways to fix that problem and make the investment in nuclear power more reliable. Now safety, the people opposing nuclear power say that its very dangerous, giving access to nuclear capabilities and blaring targets to possible terrorists: “Nuclear power provides the basic ingredients for nuclear weapons, dirty bombs and provides an obvious target for terrorists...” (Climate Change - Nuclear not the answer). These arguments, however, do not go without their flaws. Some people question the effectiveness of nuclear power, saying it does more harm than good in terms of producing enough power. One reason this is the case is that Nuclear power is a relatively new industry. Any industry attempting to compete against the main energy provider, fossil fuels, will have a hard time getting its foot in the door and actually starting to rise in total percent of energy generated. “‘France chose nuclear because we have no oil, gas or coal resources, and recent events have only reinforced the wisdom of our choice,’ says Laurent Striker, senior vice president at Electricite de France, the world 's largest power company.” (Beardsley). The nuclear industry accounts for 80 percent of France’s
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