Nuclear Energy As An Alternate Source Of The World 's Energy

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Using nuclear energy as an alternate source of the world’s energy is a very controversial topic and has been for decades. While fossil fuels have been used for many years for generating the world’s energy, recently other sources of power have been discovered, tested, and used for many types of energy. Some fossil fuels include: oil, coal, and natural gas. While these fuels have their advantages as very effective, they have downsides such as pollution. Most of the pollution from fossil fuels comes from the combustion of them either in an internal combustion engine or a coal energy generating facility. The world today is very reliant on fossil fuels for many types of energy, and while some say its the only viable option for powering the world because of the cost and safety, the world needs to realize it is not unlimited and that there are other options. Nuclear power is effective, safe, and relatively inexpensive.
There are really two major oppositions to nuclear power: economics and safety. The critics say that building and financing new plants is way too expensive and uneconomical compared to the current fossil fuels and other power sources. The critics say that the programs used to build these reactors have gone over budget by billions of dollars:
In country after country nuclear construction programmes have gone considerably over-budget. In the United States, an assessment of 75 of the country’s reactors showed predicted costs to have been USD 45…

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