Nuclear Energy As An Alternative Power Source

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Nuclear Powered Vehicles
Does an energy source such as nuclear energy have the potential to change the way Americans, and the world for that matter, move from place to place? This technology is very tempting, although it is extremely expensive; the long lasting benefits are remarkable. This technology may seem revolutionary, but it is still in the beginning stages. Many people would question the thought of stepping foot in a nuclear vehicle. Could this plan of nuclear energy in vehicles put Americans at more risk than it is worth? The idea of using nuclear energy is not a new doctrine, yet it still seems to raise some questions. The concept of using nuclear energy as an alternative power source is becoming drastically evident in the U.S.
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Even if the reactor would fit in the car, the amount of nuclear radiation given off would require several tons of steel to protect the driver. Needless to say, the concept car never caught on.
Even though, throughout the ‘50s and ‘60s, several companies tried their hand at producing a nuclear powered car, none of them were ever successful. Over the last sixty years, no one has ever been able to build a fully functioning car powered by only nuclear energy (Sebastian). A nuclear car may not have been feasible in the ‘60s, but the military had a limited number of nuclear powered ships. The N.S. Savannah was one of the few nuclear powered ships that the U.S. owned; the idea of these ships never caught on. The ships released small traces of nuclear waste into the ocean and the idea of radiation in the ocean made many people uneasy (Sebastian). In the ‘60s, the U.S. military possessed nuclear ships such as ice breakers and destroyers; once these ships went out of commission, they were no longer made, and the nuclear energy age ended as fast as it had begun in America.
The idea behind powering something using nuclear technology is fairly easy; the problem is what to do with the radiation produced from the reaction. The vehicle is powered by the extremely slow decay of an element such as thorium or uranium, which produces heat and causes steam. This steam is used to spin a turbine engine and create electricity to power
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