Nuclear Energy As An Alternative Power Source

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Nuclear Powered Vehicles
Does an energy source such as nuclear energy have the potential to change the way Americans, and the world for that matter, move from place to place? This technology is very tempting, although it is extremely expensive; the long lasting benefits are remarkable. This technology may seem revolutionary, but it is still in the beginning stages. Many people would question the thought of stepping foot in a nuclear vehicle. Could this plan of nuclear energy in vehicles put Americans at more risk than it is worth? The idea of using nuclear energy is not a new doctrine, yet it still seems to raise some questions. The concept of using nuclear energy as an alternative power source is becoming drastically evident in the U.S. Many Americans are still skeptical of nuclear power because of their fear of the unknown.
Although nuclear powered vehicles seem like a distant and foreign concept, the history of the topic is very extensive; the ideas behind it are over sixty years old (Sebastian). The idea of nuclear powered vehicles started in 1958 with the introduction of the Ford Nucleon (Sebastian). The Ford Nucleon was a model concept car that was powered by a steam driven turbine engine. Although the idea took off, at the time, there was no nuclear reactor small enough to squeeze into a car, and it never became more than a concept (Sebastian). Several other companies tried their hand at creating a nuclear powered car over the years, but ran into the same problem…
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