Nuclear Energy In The Elizabethan Era Essay

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Throughout history, the source of energy that powers the world has advanced alongside technology. The power on which civilization thrives has to be in accordance to the demand at which it is required. As technology evolves, objects from which energy can be extracted can expanded exponentially. In the status quo, the United States is trying to limit the greenhouse gas emissions instead of just switching power sources which is the wrong direction they should be going in. [Thesis] Instead of wasting their time and money investing in burning coal as their main source of power, countries and their governments need to assist in the transition to a more cost effective and efficient form of energy in the form of nuclear energy.
[Statement of Facts] In the Elizabethan era, the main source of power was wood and it seemingly possible to the people at the time to be able to live off of it forever. As the demand went up, the quantity to power production was too low so the use of coal began to become popular. The same thing is now occurring in our modern era in terms of coal except this time, greenhouse gas emissions are now a factor to consider when choosing the right form of power to transfer to. The quantity to
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The reality of the situation is that there is not a single source of energy that will not involve in carbon emission at all. The amount of carbon in wind power is smaller but at the same time, the power produced from wind turbines in comparison to nuclear power plants are exponentially less. The idea in the modern day is to have a relatively clean source of power that still creates enough energy to sustain the nation. With the limited amount of power that is created from wind power, the entire United States could not even come close to being accounted for in regards to
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