Nuclear Energy Informative Speech

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Usually public citizens hate the idea of a nuclear power plant in our back yard. Some of them are scared by the dangerous materials and substances that are being created. I am here to tell you why we do need this and why you should not be afraid of this. I am here to tell you we need this nuclear power plant.
Have you ever wondered how most of our energy we use today is created and where it is created? Well, the answer is Three Mile Island. In 1978 three mile island had a license to make nuclear energy and to split atoms every second and every day. Ever since there has only been one accident and we have come back as a community to make sure that will never happen again. Ever since then the security and daily checkups have multiplied
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If everybody changed their mind soon enough everybody will be wanting nuclear power plants. Another good thing that comes out of nuclear energy is it would cost 2.10 cents per kilowatt and petroleum was 21.56 cents. Scientist have figured out what is causing global warming and that is greenhouse gasses. A great number of people think that nuclear energy contributes to a number of greenhouse gasses. Those people are wrong because nuclear energy only let's a fraction of what oil or coal does. Situations can happen with any sort of energy making machine, but luckily nuclear has the best security out of all of them. Over the past years, they have added plan after plan for emergencies and procedures.
In the world, there is enough uranium to last us for 80 years and then we have another substance that is called thorium. This substance is thorium and was found in 1828. It works just like uranium and comes out with the same output. Around the world, there already have been thorium power plants that are working so we have proved that they are good. Even though the power plants cost is around 6 million dollars but after you have built it you do not have to pay very much. With the good cost, you also don't use much
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How will we make energy then? In nuclear power plants, they are running 24/7. There is no reason to stop they don't need the sun to make solar energy. It does not need the wind to turn the turbine because the smoke that they make from nuclear energy. Production of nuclear energy needs very less amount of raw material. This means that only about 28 grams of uranium releases as much energy as produced from 100 metric tons of coal. Since it’s required in small quantities, transportation of fuel is much easier than fossil fuels.One gram of uranium yields about as much energy as a ton of coal or oil. Nuclear waste is correspondingly about a million times smaller than fossil fuel waste, and it is totally
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