Nuclear Energy Institute

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Nuclear energy institute is a non-governmental organization based in the United States. The organization serves as an independent voice for nuclear energy industry in the U. S. and the rest of the world. Being the voice of the industry, this organization is responsible for legislative and technical regulations and policy making; representation of the industry in matters concerning the government, other non-governmental organizations, industries and corporations all over the world; strategic management and standards control. The main goal of nuclear energy institute is to further improve and increase the use of nuclear energy in order to hasten the process of industrial revolution; energy is the basic need in any type of industry. They…show more content…
Industrialization is highly recommended as among the key strategies to improve human life. Land sustainability is another key factor affecting human life. A compromise between these two corporations with contradicting goals can be very effective in improving human life. It is possible anyway. Harrington, Jan, L. argues that Greenpeace advocates for technologies that have minimized negative effects to the environment, such as pollution, life threats and climatic deterioration; the organization is against nuclear industry due to its alleged effects to the environment and climate (78). The nuclear energy institute is said to be on this track. Bragg-Sitton S., Boardman R. and Ruth Mark recognize the plans by the U. S. department of energy to establish clean energy technologies with minimized environmental effects such as clean nuclear coupled with renewable energy generations. This means that by applying these plans, NEI will possibly abide by the recommendations of Greenpeace and a compromise will be reached between the…show more content…
This is nuclear symbiosis, the solution they have so far. The implementation of this compromise may or may not be all that feasible. It greatly depends on the efforts put forward by both parties. What can make it easy is a concise agreement between them, and effective practices towards achievement of that common goal by both parties. The proposed status of nuclear industry needs a lot in terms of capital, expertise and technology. It is therefore the role of both parties to make the proposal feasible by each playing its part on the
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