Nuclear Energy Is A Viable Source Of Energy

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A much as nuclear power is a viable source of energy, it has some setbacks. The radioactive waste produced by the reactors need to be disposed off properly since they can be overly hazardous and may leak some radiations if not properly stored. Such forms of waste emits radiations from few to very many years. These emissions are deemed to harm the future generations greatly. The storage of the radioactive waste has been a major hindrance to the expansion programs. Thus, this essay aims at discussing that nuclear energy production is not a viable means of supplying the energy needs. The radioisotopes found in the nuclear wastes have a long life. This means that they may stay in the atmosphere in some ways or the other. In essence, this makes the soil and water to be contaminated. The mixed wastes cause chemical reactions and may lead to dangerous complications. The wastes are usually buried deep in the earth surface. However, the residues can be used to make deadly weapons of mass destruction. As much as nuclear energy is environmentally friendly, it is still prone to accidents. Some measures have been put in place to prevent accidents. However, the risk of more recent Fukushima has ben an associate to nuclear energy. Smaller radiations can leak and may have devastating effects. The symptoms are inclusive of vomiting, nausea, diarrhea and fatigue. On one way, it may solve the energy problems but we must be careful not to solve one problem and create another problem (Durrani &
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