Nuclear Energy Is Essential For The Modern World

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One debate of great concern that Americans face in current times, is finding more resourceful, efficient, and safer ways to generate energy that plays an enormous role in keeping modern civilization moving forward. This issue gained immense importance after President Trump proposed budget cuts for science programs affecting nuclear energy research programs. Science energy research programs offer tons of knowledge in regard to better understanding sustainable nuclear energy that contributed to tremendous breakthroughs in the last decades. Nuclear energy is essential for the everyday modern world, which has propelled America and the rest of the modern world towards future, more efficient ways to generate electricity. Nuclear power plants…show more content…
Thus, wreaking havoc on environmental safely on a global scale, intoxication, poisoning, and destroying ecosystems. Secondly, nuclear energy is considered non-renewable energy, rather an alternative energy source, since Uranium is non-renewable. Even though nuclear power plants produce the least amount of Co2. Consequently, Uranium is the biggest concern on pollution. The mining and refining process of Uranium hasn’t been a clean process to a certain degree because transporting it represents a pollution hazard during its transport to and from nuclear power plants. Besides, being radioactive and dangerous. On the contrary, Nuclear power plants only pose a minute threat to the safety of the environment by its transportation of spent fuel not during the actual operation of the power plants as opposed to the more outdated fossil fuel power plants. For instance, fossil fuel power plants contribute tremendously to pollution during their operation. Not only-but also, the methods of transportation from mining and waste. The ecological hazard is even greater. Fossil fuel power plants produce pollution just by operating them. On the other hand, Nuclear energy does not create pollution during electricity production. Therefore, reinforcing one of the major advantage nuclear energy retains over traditional fossil fuel methods is that, “nuclear power production releases no pollutants into the air. By contrast, a typical coal-burning power plant
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