Nuclear Energy Is Not Equal

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Nuclear Energy Is Not Equal To Future Nowadays, a growing trend in many countries to use nuclear energy as their mainly source of energy production. Many commentators are holding the opinion that nuclear energy is the greener energy comparing to the fossil fuel, can bring a great number of benefits to our society. However, the nuclear energy cannot be the future energy production, because there are many evidences can against the opinion from those people, showing that the nuclear energy actually bring a large number of drawbacks to people’s life and the world, and cannot be the mainly energy production. In fact, he nuclear energy is not actually ‘green’ energy. It generates so many side effects to people’s lives and environment. It can…show more content…
While the radioactive waste is generated, it will cause many problems, bringing some kinds of influence. If the radioactive waste does not stored properly, it will bring a real detrimental outcome for our environment. It is because that nuclear waste will leak radiations if the place people used to store those waste is inappropriate. Actually, radioactive waste comes from various kinds of different sources, and can be divided into three vary extent levels, which are the low-level, intermediate-level, or high-level waste. Hospitals, laboratories, and industry are the places low-level waste which includes paper, rags, clothing, and filters containing small amounts of short-lived radioactive isotopes produced. ‘The low-level waste makes up 90% of the volume of radiation waste, however, those waste only has 1% of the radioactivity. Intermediate-level waste is consist of resins and chemical sludge. As for the high-level waste, while it only contributes 3% of the volume of all disposed radioactive material, however, it accounts for more than 95% of the radioactivity’(Oelkers par. 1). For nuclear power, various environmental problems are mainly consist of radioactive waste. According to Wolfson’s work, the impact of the radiation waste will last for a long time, even thousands of years, and it will also cause a great number of different kinds of accidents and the decommissioning of old nuclear plants . Actually, the radioactive
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