Nuclear Energy Is Not Equal

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Nuclear Energy Is Not Equal To Future
Nowadays, a growing trend in many countries to use nuclear energy as their mainly source of energy production. Many commentators are holding the opinion that nuclear energy is the greener energy comparing to the fossil fuel, can bring a great number of benefits to our society. However, the nuclear energy cannot be the future energy production, because there are many evidences can against the opinion from those people, showing that the nuclear energy actually bring a large number of drawbacks to people’s life and the world, and cannot be the mainly energy production. In fact, he nuclear energy is not actually ‘green’ energy. It generates so many side effects to people’s lives and environment. It can influence the quality of the environment. In addition, inappropriately using or storing the nuclear energy cause many very serious and dangerous outcomes. Those dangerous results are about the advent of a range of different kinds of accidents and disasters. The death or some bad situations which cannot be fixed may appear because of those accidents and disasters. People cannot give their future of energy production to the nuclear energy, because this kind of energy will bring many disadvantage to people’s life, causing various accidents and environmental issues to the world. We cannot ensure that we can handle those adverse outcomes nuclear energy brings to us, and control them.
Radioactive waste plays very crucial role of nuclear energy. It…

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