Nuclear Energy : Nuclear Power

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What is Nuclear Power? Nuclear power uses nuclear fission to release nuclear energy which creates heat that can then be used in nuclear power stations to provide electricity. In nuclear fission, the nucleus splits apart generating large amounts of energy. Nuclear fusion is also an excellent energy source because it produces no greenhouse gases or combustion products which are not radioactive. The drawback is that it takes too much energy so we are sticking to nuclear fission. Nuclear power a controversial issue because of accidents in previous years and the amount it costs to build advanced reactors. These accidents still have lasting effects that we as a country are working to fix. However I believe the most promising form of energy is nuclear power. Between nuclear power and fossil fuels, nuclear power is the safest, most environmentally friendly and will meet our country 's energy demands in the future. The arguments I will be addressing in this essay are the environment, safety, economics and energetics.
The form of energy that will meet our country’s energy demands in the future is nuclear energy because our supply of fossil fuels will run out before the supply of nuclear energy. People are concerned about the renewability of fossil fuels because it is to be believed that by 2088 we will run out of fossil fuels (The End of Fossil Fuels). We currently have uranium reserves to last up to 100 years. Nuclear power and fossil fuels are a nonrenewable source of energy which

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