Nuclear Energy : Nuclear Power

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Countries have different availabilities of types of energy and in order to reach its energy requirements a country needs to use an energy mix to meet its energy needs. An energy mix could be composed of fossil fuels such as coal oil and gas renewable resources such as hydro geothermal and solar or even nuclear energy. In Japans energy mix in 2013 only 1% was nuclear energy however a plan has been set so that by 2030 20% to 22% of japans nuclear mix would be nuclear energy (, 2015). In Korea’s energy mix from 2014 13% of Korea’s energy mix is nuclear energy and Korea also has a goal to increase its nuclear power usage by 2035 to go up to 29% (, 2015). This means that Korea and Japan both want to increase the…show more content…
As well as this it could also be said that nuclear power plant cost more to run as when they’ve expired they have to be renewed which also costs a lot of money. I believe that Japan and Korea should use nuclear energy as they energy mix as nuclear energy has become more safe and stable and there are increased amounts of checks. It is unfair to put more of a strain on certain countries for not having their own source of energy therefore nuclear energy should be used as part of the energy mix with the consent of the citizens in both countries.
Nuclear energy has been a big part in Japan & Korea’s energy mix as it enables both countries to become more independent with their source of energy as they no longer have to rely on imported energy such as oil from other countries. By using nuclear energy Japan and Korea have a constant supply of energy for the country so they no longer have to think about the risks such as an energy shortage or increased amount in importing different sources of energy. This means that through the use of nuclear energy or higher amounts of nuclear energy usage Japan and Korea will have a more sufficient supply of energy to use within their country. (Min and Chung, 2013 p.1)
Nuclear energy would benefit Japans
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