Nuclear Energy : Nuclear Power Plants

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For the past 50 years, the United States has been using nuclear energy as one of it’s main non-renewable energy sources. The source of nuclear energy comes from nuclear power plants, which efficiently generates large quantities of energy and has low greenhouse gas emissions, compared to traditional coal power plants. Currently, there are 61 nuclear power plants operating in the U.S. and using nuclear power plants as a main energy source has always been a controversial problem within U.S. society. By the time nuclear power plants bring people convenience, they bring more disadvantages instead. Nuclear electric power generation uses thermal energy that is created by nuclear fission, which is similar to thermal electricity power generation in coal power plants. Compared to coal power plants, nuclear power plants have extremely low greenhouse gas emissions; such emissions are the main factors in the increasing climate change today. The public and the government both want to decrease our greenhouse gas emissions, so nuclear energy would be the best option in that sense. But replacing all coal power plants is unrealistic, so more nuclear power plants have arose to solve this issue. Secondly, scientists and researchers have already invested time and money in the nuclear generation technology needed to make power plants. With the knowledge of nuclear technology, we are able to generate more efficiently with methods in nuclear power plant development. A main advantage of nuclear
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