Nuclear Energy On The World

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Will Kaelin
Professor Michael McCormick
Environmental Science B
6 December 2015

Nuclear Energy In Our World

Take a look back into time, picture yourself as a citizen of a small, rural town in in Cambria, England in the late 1950s. Other forms of power are expensive and far away. And you don 't the finances to move into a modern town. Would you be in favor or against the building of a factory that could give your town jobs, power and much more? I probably know what the majority would say. It all sounds great, but in the long run, we can 't just think about ourselves. All around, Nuclear Energy is what people refer to as "risky business". Nuclear Energy has many cons of the production and usage of itself such as Radioactive Waste,
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You would think after what happened in Chernobyl that our world would come to a realization that we do not need this; Yes it is an effective form of warfare that is used commonly on occasions of mass terror, but it needs regulation. According to, There are 435 commercial nuclear power plants in 31 countries. To broaden your horizon as to how much of a crucial form of energy this is for our country. According to the United States National Regulation Commission, Currently there are one hundred certified and energy producing nuclear power plants in the United States, there are sixty five Pressurized Water Reactors along with thirty four Boiling Water Reactors ( I assume the USNRC made an error on their website as sixty five plus thirty four equals ninety nine). These plants provide about twenty percent of our countries ' electricity. According to the NEI (Nuclear Energy Intuition) and many other valid sources, There are other forms of energy that are vastly worse than Nuclear Energy; such as Solar Energy ( Solar Energy is the harvesting of heat and light from new forms of technology such as the use of Photovoltaics ( Photovoltaics is an "up and coming" procedure in the process of harvesting Solar Energy in which Solar Panels are used to collect Solar Energy from the sun, and turning that Solar Electricity into direct electricity currents by using "semiconductors which are Crystalline
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