Nuclear Energy Essay

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The discovery of nuclear energy began in the 1980’s with Rontgen’s discovery of the X-Ray soon after scientists unraveled the structure of the atom and made the discovery that all atoms have neutrons and protons. The last major component o the atom was discovered in 1932 the neutron. Another important discovery was made in 1938 Germany; the Germans were the first to carry out the fission of uranium atoms. The energy that fission created opened the possibility of two things, powerful weapons, and energy for civilian use. Nuclear reactors control, and produce energy from the splitting of atoms of certain substances. In a nuclear reactor the energy produced is released as heat and the heat is used to make steam which in turn is used to …show more content…
When used as an energy source fusion has some advantages over fission, like the light nuclei use in the process of fusion are plentiful, and easily obtained. Also the end products of fission are light, stable nuclei, while the end products of fission are normally heavy and highly radioactive. There are two categories that nuclear energy is researched for, military and medical. The main result of military research is the nuclear bomb; there are two types of nuclear bomb the atomic, and hydrogen bomb. The atomic bomb involves fission, and the hydrogen bomb involves fusion. Some of the results of the medical research are nuclear medicine. Nuclear medicine involves using small pieces of radioactive material to diagnose and treat various diseases. Some diseases that it treats are many types of cancer, heart disease, and various other abnormalities within the body. Nuclear in this time and age is also the perfect replacement for fossil fuels. The only problem with nuclear energy is even thou it creates massive amounts of energy it still relies on uranium and platinum which even thou plentiful it is still in limited supply. Nuclear power is a great short term replacement for fossil fuel but in the end the world needs to find a way to make renewable energy just as cost effective as nuclear energy. But there are people that are scared at the fact of expanding our reliance on nuclear energy because they think it’s too dangerous. But in the history of civil nuclear