Nuclear Energy Powers Over 20 % Of The United States

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Nuclear energy powers just about 20% of the United States. The United States holds only 100 of the reactors out of the 400 that are in the world. Even though a reactor does not put any pollutants in the air it still creates nuclear waste. Nuclear fission use uranium and plutonium and turn them into smaller atoms. When splitting atoms you have to hit it with a neutron. When split several atoms can be split like a chain reaction.

All power plants use fission and to make heat that will be used to make power. Fusion is the two atoms hydrogen and helium which make a heavier atom. This reactor can make more energy and will also not make waste like the fission reactors. Fusion reactors even though not existent are still a highly popular idea and research is still being done. Many think that like oil uranium is going to start running low but it is actually recyclable and would not come close to running low. Reactors burn only 1% of the fuel that was gotten from them and the rest is just thrown out. Power plants emit nothing but hot water into the earth and the cooling tower just lets out water vapor. The nuclear waste can be thrown out geologically that does not affect anything on the planet . If we use electric cars we can cut down on the demand for oil and that alone would cut down on the waste but with less mining and other drilling we would not be polluting the earth a lot more than you think. There are 31 countries that have the nuclear power plants but in 2011 Japan started…

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