Nuclear Energy Problem Essay

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Nuclear energy is a source of power. The history begins on November 8,1895. A man named Wilhelm Rontgen discovered it in his laboratory, when he saw a luminescent screen near a cathode tube.(Jeffrey Vohlers). Nuclear Energy could be good or bad thing, it could solve many problems, but also bring up new problems. One of the biggest risk in nuclear energy is nuclear meltdown.This is very bad because it could harm water supply. The problem that is being addressed is how nuclear energy affects the environment. Nuclear energy is energy released when enduring the process of nuclear fission or fusion; these processes are used to generate electricity. The problem with nuclear energy is during the lifespan of nuclear facilities, greenhouse gases …show more content…
In 1956 carbon dioxide was being added to the atmosphere which was causing a major effect on the balance of radiation. By 1960 annual rises in the Earth’s atmosphere was being detected. In 1968 global warming was becoming a severe problem due to high levels of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases, sea levels began to rise during the time of global warming.(Climate change) The problem with nuclear energy causing global warming is a widespread issue which needs to be a resolved.
The production of nuclear energy is a widespread problem because of the greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere. The greenhouse gases that are emitted into the atmosphere cause the troubling problem of global warming. This is a widespread problem in the United States because several nuclear power plants are in the United States which causes greenhouse gases to be at a higher rate and causes global warming to be at a more extent. The problem of global warming is widespread because global warming affects all parts of the United States. Global warming causes the temperatures to rise, wildfires to occur, and water levels to rise. These effects of global warming on the environment do not happen in one specific place, it happens in all regions of the United States. If a solution to nuclear energy causing global warming is not being thought of, consequences will be in place. If the problem of nuclear energy harming the

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