Essay on Nuclear Energy Research

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Nuclear energy is a fascinating discovery and an up-incoming strong energy supplier of many things in our world today. Nuclear materials include many pieces, such as; radiation, radioactive decay, nuclear reactors, fission and fusion. It is highly possible that our world will become very dependent on nuclear resources in the future; however, they’ll not only supply us with positives but many fierce negatives as well. Nuclear energy is a complex material that carries many deep side effects, one of which being radiation. Radiation is the emission of energy as electromagnetic waves or as subatomic particles. Through radiation, energy is transmitted in forms such as light, heat and sound. Right alongside of radiation is …show more content…
Whereas, fusion is the result or the process of joining two or more things together to from one single creation, for example, liquefying or melting by applying heat. Nuclear materials not only require heat to be formed, but they also can create heat. Nuclear materials can create heat and electricity, as well as being used in the development of weapons and medical needs. Heat from nuclear materials typically comes from nuclear fuel; used nuclear fuel will emit high levels of both heat and radiation. Such nuclear fuels are also used to create forms of energy such as electricity in many areas of the world today. As a weapon, nuclear material can be devastating to any ecosystem which it may come in contact with. Most commonly, plutonium (known to be used in North Korea) or uranium is used in the creation of nuclear/atomic weapons. A product called a research reactor is the typical starter kit for most of the world’s nuclear bomb programs. This research reactor serves primarily as a neutron source and is also called a non-power reactor because it does not generate power, such as the “power reactors” used to create heat and electricity. Nuclear materials are also used for medical needs, such as the commonly known “X-ray”, or the isotope, technetium-99m and molybdenum-99 shortages addressed in the House of Representatives vote in 2009. In this vote, the House affirmatively decided to reestablish the domestic

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