Nuclear Energy Should Not Be The Solution For Our Energy Crisis

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Nuclear energy should not be the solution for our energy crisis problem because of the catastrophic possibilities it may cause. About 20% of our nation’s electrical use is supplied by nuclear power per year. It is a main source of energy because of how cheap and effective it is and the government has declared it “safe”. Several countries are starting to increase their dependence on nuclear energy because of its high energy output and the power to bring electricity to everyone’s home. Although nuclear power has conveniences like this, the dangers brought by it are eminent. The probability of another accident like Fukushima or Chernobyl are present in any nuclear plant and increase the risk of causing severe harm to those that live in a close range to these plants. Millions of people would die not only from the initial explosion, but also the after effects like nuclear fallout that would cause radiation sickness. In conclusion, nuclear energy should not be used because of the hazardous waste it produces, the unsafe storage of the hazardous waste, the possibility of fatalities, and the cost to produce these plants. Nuclear power plants discharge high-level nuclear waste that is lethal to humans. A typical plant generates 20 to 30 metric tonnes of high level nuclear waste annually. All this waste will continue to grow especially due to the government moving towards making nuclear power our only source of energy and eliminating our common sources like fossil fuels. More than…
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