Nuclear Energy Source For New Jersey

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Energy, the whole world revolves around it and almost all people use energy daily and many do not know or care to think where it comes from. Appliance stores also have large signs pointing to the energy efficient washing machines and refrigerators. People also use more incandescent light-bulbs rather than LED and Fluorescent. Incandescent waste a great deal of energy. On the thought of energy,most of the world’s energy comes from the combustion (burning) of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels may be cost effective and cheap to use, however, they pollute the air by releasing harmful greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. While nuclear and biomass are both reliable alternative fuels, nuclear is a better option for New Jersey because it produces a great deal of energy with a small amount of fuel ,does not release any greenhouse gases and is also reliable to use. unlike biomass, which produce a great deal of greenhouse gases. [Nuclear energy is a promising alternative energy source that could greatly benefit New Jersey.] Currently the second most used energy source for power generation is nuclear. From Jersey Central Power and Light, a major power distributor for New Jersey gives a diagram of what sources they use, with Nuclear Energy being number 2 with 34.14% of electricity generated in 2014. Therefore, a great shift is power culture would not greatly affect New Jerseyans, as nuclear energy has been exercised in NJ for decades. In the entire state of New Jersey, nuclear is becoming
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