Nuclear Energy : Using Fusion Reactors And Breeder Reactors

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Nuclear energy is the energy released in the nucleus of an atom during nuclear fission or fusion, and it also uses the fuel which makes from processed uranium and mined to generate electricity. There are some advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy. Firstly, the advantages are considered. It has the low pollution because the amount of greenhouse gases has reduces significantly as a result of the prevalence of nuclear power. It is also have the small effect on natural systems. Nuclear energy uses energy power to make inexpensive electricity, which is a quite low operating cost owing to the low of utilizable uranium. A nuclear power plant does not have constraints and it can run without disruption in climatic condition, it also has a stable base load of energy which can work with renewable energy sources. Nuclear energy in non-renewable source, besides it is potential sustainability by using fusion reactors and breeder reactors. As far as disadvantages are concerned, one of the important problems is environment impact. This problem is caused by uranium. Nuclear energy also has a high cost because it uses a large amount of investment to establish a nuclear power plant. Another drawback of nuclear energy is nuclear accidents; the radioactive waste can cause the environment and health problems on the human life. For example, The Chernobyl accident in Ukraine happened on 26th April 1986 which…
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