Nuclear Engineering Research Paper

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One of the world's most reliable and clean resource for energy is nuclear energy. There is a lot of information about how to become, and what nuclear engineers do. Nuclear energy will be one of the best sources of energy to use in the future, once nuclear scientist find out how to harness the power of fusion it will be a big game changer in energy. Once they do, it will be a cheaper, safer, and a more reliable alternative to other energy sources. As of this moment nuclear scientist are making breakthroughs on how to harness the power of fusion. Once nuclear scientist figure out how to harness the energy of fusion, they will build more nuclear power plants and those plants will need engineers. In the future a reliable job to pursue would be nuclear engineering.
The duties of this occupation, both general and specific, are important to know for becoming a nuclear engineer. The duties for this job include designing or develop equipment, such as reactor cores, radiation shielding, and other instrument that are needed to run a nuclear plant. Some engineers tell the workers what needs to
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The majority of nuclear engineers work full time, but one in three engineers work more than forty hours a week. Their schedules may vary depending on company they work for.The majority of nuclear engineers work full time, and some work overtime. These schedules may vary according to the industries in which they work ("Nuclear"). The hazards or disadvantages of being a nuclear engineer are high. Nuclear Engineers work in teams to see caution and risk easly are standard for the industry appropriately so, given the dangers of nuclear radiation. The work done in nuclear power stations is usually indoors, often on a seven-day shift system, and conditions can be both hot and cramped. The advantages of being a nuclear engineer is that it has a higher pay than most engineering jobs
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