Nuclear Family : A Family

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• Nuclear Family: A nuclear family consists of two parents (in a first-time marriage) and their biological children. This type of family is sometimes referred to as the “model or normal family” because, for the most part, they have been often viewed as stable, thrifty, economically secure, and very happy. • Blended Family: A blended family contains two basic family units with children that have been joined together. This often occurs through remarriage, but it is becoming more common with cohabiting couples. This can be very difficult for children to accept at times. Experiencing a divorce is difficult in itself and throwing new family members into the equation can sometimes complicate things. • Foster Families: Foster families are legal and informal arrangements in which suitable living conditions are given to orphaned, unwanted, abused, and neglected children. These children are often classified as “hard to adopt” because of their age, race, or other special needs. These families are often presented with many challenges, as they seek to provide a safe place for these troubled children to live for a period of time. • Working-Class Families: Working class families are families who must work for wages in order to succeed, and the children are usually expected to follow in those footsteps. Many parents in this “category” prefer the authoritarian parenting style and participate in less reasoning with their children when behavior issues arise. Also, these families may feel
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