Essay Nuclear Power: A Reliable Source or a Dangerous Industry?

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Effects of Nuclear Power
Nuclear power is on the rise as it is a cleaner alternative to other energies; nations are trying to increase the production of energy from nuclear power in order to go ‘Green’ and to save the environment and the ozone layer from greenhouse gases. Other energy resources utilize fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum and create large amounts of greenhouse gases. However, nuclear Energy is extremely dangerous as plants can suffer from catastrophic meltdowns and even explosions.
Nuclear energy also produces dangerous radioactive waste which has to be stored on the nuclear plant site. The use of Nuclear power leaves behind an enormous amount of waste to be dealt with by a later generation. Without an increase
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Not only do plants endanger the surrounding community from meltdowns and nuclear explosions, but they could also serve as possible targets for terrorists. The radius of an explosion from a nuclear plant could send fallout to surrounding cities deeming them inhabitable. The Chernobyl incident resulted in seventy-seven thousand square miles being contaminated with radioactive fallout and fifty deaths of workers from radiation poisoning. (Horgan) To this day, after almost twenty five years, the area of Chernobyl in the Ukraine remains a ghost town. These dangers suggest that maybe nuclear power is not the best route to take when looking for alternate forms of energy. The average American gets over six hundred Millirems per year from the atmosphere, cosmic rays, and even consumer products. (Horgan) “Federal Regulations permit nuclear workers to receive up to five thousand Millirems a year… there is no clear cut evidence of adverse health effects from radiation at levels below one hundred thousand Millirems a year.” (Horgan) Horgan even goes on to state “In short, I’m staying on the nuclear bandwagon, but I’m not encouraging anyone to join me.” (p.n.) Horgan says this because he understands the dangers of nuclear power that have been shown in the past; however he also understands the need for safer and ‘greener’ energy resources to save the environment.
After the crisis in Japan at the Fukushima plant in Japan, “support for nuclear energy dropped from
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