Nuclear Power : A Source Of Energy

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Another source of energy that is available is wind power. Wind power is able to turn a mill that generates electricity. Wind power is a source of energy that is very reliable, steady, and consistent from year to year. The growth of the wind power sources can lead to more jobs that will help America 's and the world 's economy grow (Williams,"What Are the Different").
What is the cleanest and safest type of alternative energy? To some people 's surprise it is actually nuclear power. Nuclear power is the safest, cleanest, and cheapest alternative to carbon heavy fossil fuels ("Switkowski"). Nuclear fission is when atoms of molecules get split and then releases an enormous amount of energy. Then that energy from the split atoms is used to heat water which is then used to turn large electrical generating turbines (DeGunther). Nuclear power is an inexpensive source and the cost of uranium is low. Also, the known reserves of uranium are much greater than fossil fuel sources(DeGunther).Nuclear power can generate 75 times the electricity per ton of uranium (Marketwired). A nuclear power plant can recover 95% wasted uranium and plutonium. The smoke that comes out of the smoke stacks of nuclear powers plants is just harmless steam ("What"). Energy released by nuclear fission is about ten millions times greater than the amount released by fossil fuels ("Pros and Cons of Nuclear"). Nuclear energy produces no carbon emissions which is blamed for causing global warming. France generates
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