Nuclear Power And Its Effect On The Environment

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Nuclear power plays a pivotal role in our lives. Nuclear power seems to be the only way to help human beings go through energy crisis and climate change. These two problems threaten global security and the stability of the environment. There are several advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power, so my essay is focusing on what British people really think of nuclear energy.


UK’s first nuclear reactor called Calder Hall was built in Sellafield in 1956. Now the UK has 18 nuclear reactors generating 16% of its electricity. There is much debate over whether power stations should be built more in the future. Therefore, many researches have been carried to find out how many people support and oppose nuclear power. The energy debate has been going on in the UK since 2005 to inform people about the issue and increase public acceptance. The surveys were carried out in Britain by Cardiff University (2013) both before and after Fukushima accident. The result shows that more and more people support nuclear power despite the accident at Fukushima.

There are four main ways to generate electricity in the UK, such as gas, coal-fired, nuclear and renewable sources. As reported by Highlands & Island Enterprise in 2008, gas and coal-fired providing 46% electricity in the UK, followed by nuclear power and renewable sources with the proportion of 14% and 5.5% respectively. It can be clearly seen that all kinds of electricity generation are being developed to eliminate their…
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