Nuclear Power And Its Effects On The World

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On October 24th, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said, "Climate Change is real! Climate Change is caused by human activity! Climate Change is affecting all parts of the world.” Sanders speaks about the disruption of ecosystems, the dying of species, and the destruction of earth’s atmosphere. The creation of increased greenhouse gases caused by heavy reliance on fossil fuel energy has disrupted Earth’s equilibrium. Sanders calls for alternative energy in America; hailing countries that have transformed their fossil fuel dependency. Nuclear power is a relevant factor in alternative energy for policy-makers. In the 1950’s, anticipation for nuclear energy was very high, people thought that new advancements in nuclear energy would make electricity free. Nuclear power was successfully implemented for commercial use in 1954 Russia. Since then a total of 438 nuclear reactors were created around the world, including the United States, with 67 still under construction. Nuclear power support has always waned throughout the years, reaching high points of investment when oil prices skyrocketed in the 1970’s. Nuclear power is praised for its efficiency and minimal environmental impacts, however common misconceptions about the danger of nuclear power/power plants, discredit nuclear energy as a better alternative to fossil fuels.
“The Soviet Union spent large sums of money constructing a successful nuclear power plant. The first nuclear reactor that produced commercial
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