Nuclear Power And Its Effects On The Environment

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Compared to other energy source, one the plant is built and working properly, nuclear energy has one of the lowest impacts on the environment. During energy production, it does not release any greenhouse gasses like carbon, sulfur, nitrogen and other oxides into the atmosphere. Neither does it release other combustion by product such as ashes that may contribute to climate change, increasing acid rain level, contamination of large cities, destruction of the ozone layer…
Nuclear power plant starts affecting the environment when its being constructed but this is a frequent problem for any major business. When building the infrastructure, it requires a large amount of land. This means clearing out forests which can disturbs the natural habitat and wild life of those species in that area.
Plants who uses large body of water, such as artificial lake, lake or river to reject heat will affects the quality of water and aquatic life in river and sea levels. The polluted water is cause by the heavy metals and salts, that were was built up during the generation of nuclear power. It will also increase water temperature in that area due to the rejected heat. Many species have suffered due to this issue, which leads to a decrease in the affected species population and any other who relies on it to survive.

All nuclear power plants use diesel generators as a back up incase of emergencies. Most plants will require to run test on these system every month which release greenhouse gases

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