Nuclear Power And Nuclear Energy

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Nuclear energy was first introduced into the world when Admiral Rickover decided that there should be a new way to power submarines. They were successful in launching a nuclear-powered submarine in 1954. This new idea of using nuclear power was starting to arise in the 60s and 70s when they made their first nuclear reactor. Even France decided that it was time to propel their society into nuclear powered energy which is now powering 75% of their electricity (Touran, 2013). Nuclear energy has acquired a large amount of attraction, the beginning of a new future awaits the people of the United States; One filled with eco-friendly energy and the construction of a world filled with nuclear energy. People across the United States are starting…show more content…
Even though nuclear power plants are so expensive to build and open, creating nuclear power plants can help create more jobs so that this cycle can improve and better the United States. Nuclear power plants need so many employees in order to function which can help end the poverty that occurs when jobs are so few; while a gas plant only needs a small handful of employees to keep it running, nuclear plants create more than 1,000 jobs for people who are in need of working (Gold and Sweet, 2017). In China, alone, four new nuclear plants were built that created 20,000 jobs for United States citizens (Shellenberger, 2016). Not only does this create jobs inside of the factory, but think about the large amount of security jobs that would be available due to the large amount of people that would want to get inside of the building to steal materials in order to create nuclear bombs or weapons. There would need to be a large amount of security protocols and officers in place to enforce safety (Lynas and Bradford, 2012). Not only does nuclear power plants produce more jobs for the United States, but it was also help lower the prices of energy. Even though there are cheaper sources of electricity, they will never be able to compare to the amount of energy that nuclear energy produces. 35 miles North of Manhattan, Indian Point Plant creates a large amount of power for the city of Manhattan as well as its surrounding suburbs. If Manhattan

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