Nuclear Power And Nuclear Energy

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“Even when nuclear energy is produced without incident, the science itself creates vast quantities of toxic waste, which is impossible to discard” (Dupea, n. pag.). Because of the fact that there is no way to safely dispose of nuclear energy and waste, many issues have arose. There are many more safe and more reliable sources and ways to produce energy that involves less risks. Countries need to eliminate the use of nuclear energy due to the problems it causes. Some of the largest issues with nuclear energy are the building process of nuclear power plants is expensive and time consuming, there are many safety concerns and the potential risks to people and the environment. Due to the fact that nuclear power plants have extra building components for safety, they take a long time to build and it is very expensive. It is not worth the issues it can cause. The structure of nuclear power plants require extra precautions due to the environmental risks. As Alex Rich states, “The method by which nuclear plants create power is no different from coal or oil plants. Due to the danger of radiation poisoning, the infrastructure of nuclear plants is quite different from other types of power plants incorporating concrete radiation shields enclosed by steel containment fields” (n. pag.). Since they have to take these extra precautions to ensure safety, the structure costs more to build. As Michael Bloch states, nuclear power plants can take decades to build and it’s by all means a short

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