Nuclear Power And Nuclear Energy Essay

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Introduction Nuclear power is used to some degree to provide electricity to many countries, and it is also playing a significant role as a main fuel resource for marine propulsion for ships. For many countries, nuclear energy is their primary energy source, such as France. However, nuclear energy has its benefits and drawbacks. The nuclear energy power plants need less raw materials than the other energy power plants, such as coal power plants. But if there is an accident, large amount of radioactive material could be released into the atmosphere. And like fossil fuels, nuclear energy fuels are not renewable. Moreover, the nuclear waste remainder remains radioactive and it is hazardous and damage the environment for thousands of years. The use of nuclear energy is controversial. In this essay, I’m going to take the perspectives of two articles and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the use of nuclear energy. In the first article “Nuclear Power: A Hedge Against Uncertain Gas and Carbon Prices ”, the author has a relatively positive attitude about the use of nuclear energy. The main point of this paper is to discuss what characteristics that make nuclear power plants become less popular for the investors. The payback period of nuclear power plants is relatively longer than the other electricity facilities such as gas electricity plants and the cost for building nuclear power plants is huge, because of engineering and licensing reasons. But the nuclear power plants

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