Nuclear Power And The Atomic Bomb

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One of the major technological break though in the late 19th and early 20th century was the birth of atomic fission, between 1895 and 1945. In WWII, the men of science applied this new knowledge to create the atomic bomb. Only few years after the war in 1956, this cognition was applied to make new power plants, fueled by the new energy source uranium. (pg1 World Nuclear Association) Today, as much as we know about nuclear power is one of the most powerful and fresh energy, compared to any carbon dioxide producing fuels like coal or oil. It is a very cost effective “cheap” source, but with a major downside. Obtaining it is a rather complex chemical procedure, and the outcome is not only precious power, but also hazardous waste. This…show more content…
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch created a special report on Sunday February 12, 1989 about the “Legacy of the Bomb” and the “Patriotic Work” has been done here in the city, and the unfortunate consequences of uranium purification. People were not aware that this “technological miracle” as the article called it, came with a deadly “side effect” which is still affecting our life today. Based on the report, “more than 2.3 million cubic yards of contaminated material remain scattered across the area – in St. Louis, north St. Louis County, and St. Charles County.” Comparably, the quantities of the radioactive byproduct would fill up the early Bush Stadium. (pg 3 St. Louis Post-Dispatch) In 1947 the Government secretly ordered the Mallinckrodt Chemical Co to “dump” the hazardous waste at a significant size land of the airport area. (Health Impact News) Since this was covered operation the locals were not aware what lies underneath their feet. Based on the article written in the St Louis Post Dispatch in February 1989 about the “Legacy of the Bomb and the St Louis Nuclear Waste” people were not aware of the dangers that is coming from the ground. For example: “in Hazelwood a business man could buy warehouses that they are too radioactive to use.” (pg 8 St. Louis Post-Dispatch Everyday) Although, there was a Government procedure and attempt to get rid of the waste properly in the late 1990 's and clean up the
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