Nuclear Power As A New Form Of Energy

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Specific Purpose: After my speech, the class will be more accepting to the idea of using nuclear power as a new form of energy.

Central Idea: Today, you will learn about the devastating effects our current forms of generating energy causes and how nuclear energy can help fix those effects.

Introduction: We live in a world that is crumbling and being destroyed all around us at an increasing rate. Humanity is now on a collision course with the natural environment. Using an alternative energy source can prevent all this, rather than the primitive methods commonly used now. After taking multiple classes that covered environmental issues in the world around us. Today, I will talk about the current problems facing our environment and generating energy and how nuclear energy can help fix those affects.

Transition: First I am going to cover the problems of our current forms of energy.

1. There are a lot of problems for our world today when it comes to energy.
a. Greenhouse gasses are a huge issue.
i. “Almost 100% of the observed temperature increase over the last 50 years has been due to the increase in the atmosphere of greenhouse gas concentrations and over 21.3% of those gasses come from power stations.”
1. [Time for change. (2007). Retrieved November 30, 2015, from] (Website) ii. The most vulnerable part of the ecosystem is the atmosphere, which is where the gasses from power plants go.
1. [Guggenheim, D.…

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